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    This 26 episodes' series produced by Disney Channel stars in Bruno, a stereotyped average guy who tries to win out over his rival Hero, ending up into odd and catastrophic situations that he, nevertheless, faces with his head held high, with a lot of self-esteem and amazing imagination

    Bruno the Great


    Minivip and Supervip are two superbrothers who are very different from one another. One is as feeble and intelligent as the other is strong and naive. Because of their differences, Minivip, the weakest superhero in the universe, has ended up with an inferiority complex and is now undergoing analysis from Mr. Doc, the most incompetent, most dishonest shrink in the world. In these comical sessions, MInivip tells him about his dreams, adventures and nightmares, which reveal the fears and anxieties that hound him day after day, outlining bzarre, humourous situations that it would otherwise be impossible to imagine.

  • I COSI


    The TV serial was created by Bruno Bozzetto, produced by RAI FICTION and The Animation Band and realized by MAGA Animation Studio. “I Cosi†(Things) are the small inhabitants of Cosakistan. Their territory is often shaken by the heavy passage of Cosoni who regularly drop objects by accident…

    I Cosi
  • FAMIGLIA SPAGHETTI (Spaghetti Family)


    Like it happens with every family all around the world, also in Italy the spaghetti family, an average, pretty large and messy family, has its own problems. While the mum is the typical "mama", the father is a layabout and their kids, besides being terribly untidy,music lovers and no school lovers, are in eternal dispute with their parents. Just one thing makes them get along together... the unconditional love for spaghetti that they daily eat for lunch and dinner. Being the family made of 6 people and 3 animals who all share the same house, the episodes show laods of situations giving life to moments of true humour.

    Famiglia Spaghetti


    Produced for the Italian Swiss Network RTSI, directed by Bruno Bozzetto and animated by Guido Manuli, the Stripy series consists of several episodes of an approximate length between 4 and 8 minutes whose protagonist is Stripy, a funny multi-coloured animal resembling a cat by a long snout and by a very contagious laughter (dubbed by Carlo Bonomi). The victim of his jokes is an ugly grumpy and touchy man who at the end of each episode ends up being affected by Stripy’s catchy hysteric laughter.



    A series of thirteen episodes which tell a story about several insects, that are, the caterpillar, the grasshopper, the mosquito, the ant, the worm, the cricket, the snail, the flea, the dragonfly, the ladybird, the termite, the bee and the spider.


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