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  • IL SIGNOR ROSSI CERCA LA FELICITA' (Mr Rossi looks for Happiness)


    Where? Far from home,from work and his boss, far from city traffic and his alarm clock, far from the monotony of his life... The farthest away possible. Travelling against time, visiting places of other centuries. How? Thanks to a magic whistle given him by "Fairy Sicura" the most nutty, thoughtless, happy fairy still to be seen around. A golden whistle which can catapult him back into prehistory, or in ancient Rome, in Medieval time, on a desert island, in Fairy tale land, in ancient Egypt, in the far West or in the future. With whom? He travels with Gastone, his boss'dog, tiny,naive and a little bit spoiled : after many adventures he will realize how much more valuable a friend is rather than a cream pie. Will he find it? Yes, but not in the past, not in other centuries, full of incredible and miserable adventures for him. Happiness was much closer,at hand's reach. He only had to think about it... Isnt that right, Mr Rossi?

    Il Signor Rossi cerca la Felicita'
  • I SOGNI DEL SIGNOR ROSSI (Mr Rossi's Dreams)


    At the end of another week of work Rossi returns home with the intention of enjoying a quiet and peaceful weekend. He lives with Gastone, his dog-friend,who, after a week of loneliness, can't wait to go out, for instance to the movies, and have fun. Gastone as a matter of fact is a passionate fan of movies, television and heroes' books. He always compares Rossi with them and nags with a petulant : "Rossi, Rossi, if you only were...braver, stronger, richer...". His continuous complaints push Rossi to identify himself with those heroes; throughout the film we will meet Rossi-Tarzan, Rossi-Astronaut, Rossi-Sherlock Holmes, Rossi-Zorro, Rossi-Hollywood actor, Rossi-scientist, Rossi-Lancelot, Rossi-Aladdin. Eight fantastic adventures in which Rossi, along with faithful Gastone, relishes the joy of being a hero.

    I Sogni del Signor Rossi
  • LE VACANZE DEL SIGNOR ROSSI (Mr Rossi's Holidays)


    Here, Mr. Rossi abandons dreams and magic for the simple pleasures of the country. But "vacation" turns out to bring problems of its own. 9. Mr. Rossi and Harold head for the sea in a camper. 10. A visit to a farm turns into a battle for the rights of farm animals. 11. Our friends experience the perils of lake fishing and local casles. 12. The mountains are our friends' choice for a final respite, but even here they find unexpected excitement.

    Le Vacanze del Signor Rossi
  • UN OSCAR PER IL SIGNOR ROSSI (An Award for Mister Rossi)


    Mister Rossi, caught by a sudden passion for film-making, makes up his mind and finally buys a video-camera filming all what surrounds him as a suitable scenario. After editing and giving it a soundtrack, he sends his humble film to a Festival which obviously turns it down. Caught by anger, he grabs the film, spoils it, cuts it, scratches and smears it. The new movie accidentally ends up at the same Festival where this time it wins an Oscar.

    Un Oscar per il Signor Rossi
  • IL SIGNOR ROSSI VA A SCIARE (Mr Rossi goes skiing)


    Mister Rossi goes to the mountains for a weekend , giving start to a chain of astounding skiing adventures. At the end of the day, a stunning ski jump launches him straight through the window into his hotel bedroom. The short ends by showing Mister Rossi on his way back home after having set on fire all of his skiing equipment.

    Il Signor Rossi va a sciare
  • IL SIGNOR ROSSI AL MARE (Mr Rossi at the Seaside)


    Mister Rossi, feeling the dreadful heat of a summer spent in town, starts dreaming and planning a well-deserved holiday at the seaside, that starts with a desperate search of one little sunny spot on a very crowded beach. Nearly all of his adventures will be turned into misadventures ending at night in the hotel room where even a mosquito has thought of pestering Mister Rossi giving him a sleepless night.

    Il Signor Rossi al mare


    Leaving his office, Mister Rossi suddenly realizes that nearly everyone out there owns a car. Feeling inferior to the others, he manages to get the driving license and, by paying tons of bills, he also gets a car. Rossi, as a new car driver on the road, starts going through all sorts of misadventures dealing with traffic, pedestrians and mechanic failures. The animated short ends when Mister Rossi is caught into the umpteenth accident which sends him to hospital to get his own failures fixed…!

    Il Signor Rossi compra l'automobile
  • IL SIGNOR ROSSI AL CAMPEGGIO (Mr Rossi at Camping)


    Mister Rossi now has to cope with Camping problems. He first enthusiastically throws himself into this new experience but soon he realizes that the noisy civilization has reached even the most remote areas urging him to hide at the foot of a huge dam. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful dreams are broken at dawn when sometimes even dams are partially drained.

    Il Signor Rossi al Campeggio
  • IL SIGNOR ROSSI AL PHOTOSAFARI (Mr Rossi at Photosafari)


    Mister Rossi leaves for a photo safari in Africa to witness a free and primitive world. Landed in the centre of a standardized and electronic Africa, he tries in vain to take pictures at some wild animals that get punctually killed on the spot by a crowd of bloody hunters.

    Il Signor Rossi al Photosafari
  • IL SIGNOR ROSSI A VENEZIA (Mr Rossi in Venice)


    Against his will, Mister Rossi ends up in Venice, in a very dirty lagoon among hazardous and unsteady buildings and on board of overloaded and unsafe steamboats. To win over the typical pretty tourist, Mister Rossi unsuccessfully tries to fight against the disease which is destroying Venice, but he, too, will come out defeated.

    Il Signor Rossi a Venezia

Signor Rossi