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  • CAMUNI - with Studio Bozzetto&Co


    A man sees a woman and falls in love with her. But in order to conquer her he has to court her seriously with tribal dances lit up by fires, a fearless deer hunt and demonstrations of his virility. He finally wins over her heart with a flower - a “Camunian rose†– that he picks from a rock and offers her as proof of his love.

  • SOTTO IL RISTORANTE CINESE (Under the Chinese Restaurant)


    A comedy that borders on the fantastic. A few days before his wedding, a young man is forced to flee from robbers who realize he is the only witness to their crime. He takes cover in the basement of a Chinese restaurant where he is transported through a mysterious door to an exotic beach in a strange and distant land inhabited by a beautiful girl and her eccentric father. What follows is a fantastic and comic adventure which drastically alters his life.

    Sotto il Ristorante Cinese


    What happens when a lady goes downtown to do her shopping and leaves the store forgetting her tiny dog behind? In this story the strangest and most unexpected things happen when a good-hearted surveyor tries to bring the poor beast back to its owner...



    The comic silent film of the beginning of the century is here revisited under a modern point of view, giving life to a scene rich in a clownish gesture and facial mime which are underlined as the heart of comic spirit.


Live Action