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  • Allegro non Troppo


    "Allegro non Troppo" is a feature film made up by stories, in which famous classical musical pieces are visualized by means of a modern, ironical and highly qualified animation. Debussy's "Prèlude à l'apres-midi d'un faune di Claude Debussy", Dvorak's "Slavonic Dance N.7", Ravel's "Bolero", Sibelius "Valse Triste", Vivaldi's "Concerto in C-Dur", Stravinsky's "The Firebird" are the six musical pieces which have inspired stories and animated characters.

    Orange Fish
  • West&Soda


    Both a satire of and a homage to that great film genre: the American Western. A sleepy desert town, the nasty local land-baron, the sweet young Clementine, and the lonesome cow-poke Johnny are the characters involved in the perennial struggle over the territories of the land and the heart.

    Sea Turtle
  • Vip mio fratello Superuomo


    A humorous take-off on the classic "super-hero" stories. The VIPs are the descendants of the Superman of yore : Supervip, a prime specimen of the species, and Minivip, who is small, myopic, and has limited powers. The two brothers stumble onto a plot for world domination engineered by the warped tycoon Happy Betty, and together succeed in turning the destructive "brain missiles" against their perpetrators and saving humanity.

    Red Coral
  • Mammuk - PILOT FILM


    In a fantasy world, similar to the Earth of millions of years ago, amidst brutal and stupid monkey-like inhabitants, lives a likeable and frenetic young boy, who possesses some elementary intelligence, and a lively young girl, who introduces him to the existence of feelings. They are accompanied by the enourmous Mammuk, a living symbol of poetry and goodness - a pity that he's also the most wanted prey for every hunter!

    Coral Reef

Allegro non troppo