Can I use Bruno Bozzetto's copyrighted films for public screenings/Festivals or other kinds of public events? Can I show these films on any media such as Tv, Internet Tv or other?
No, you can't. All of Bruno Bozzetto's films are copyrighted and protected by the law as intellectual properties. Any screening, in a theatre or through any other media, is considered public screening and it is subject to a licensing agreement issued by Bruno Bozzetto Distribution S.n.c.

- Can I screen Bruno Bozzetto's copyrighted films for educational purposes such as school courses/lessons?
Depending on the purpose and on the circumstances, Bruno Bozzetto's films can be screened during a school lesson without any licensing agreement and fee only after having an authorization issued and only if the following criteria are met: The screening is not arranged on a regular basis and does not imply commercial profit through a students' paid subscription. A teacher or instructor is present during the screening The showing takes place in a classroom setting with only the enrolled students attending, and it is not open to any other public audience. The movie being used is a legitimate copy regularly purchased, borrowed or rent and the author of the screened film gets mentioned as the copyrights' owner.

- Can I upload Bruno Bozzetto's copyrighted films on my web-site/blog or on my YouTube Channel?
No, you can't. The copyright law does not allow any copyrighted material to be uploaded on any platform unless it's the copyrights's holder doing so. A very small portion consisting of a 10% out of the total lenght may be showed depending on the circumstances and only if there is no commercial purpose intended. The law acknowledges the so-called "fair use" of motion pictures, never to be associated/accompanied with any pop-up or regular ads/banner or indirect profitable methods. However, we encourage users who would like to show brief parts of the films for criticism or for educational reasons to embed the small video clips from our YouTube Channel. Uploading the whole films means violating the author's copyrights. Bruno Bozzetto Distribution has specifically set up their own YouTube Channel where short video clips and new videos are being deliberately uploaded. Furthermore, we make use of official and certified platforms for a legal distribution of all films. Any other film uploaded by non-authorized users will be automatically detected and removed by YouTube or by any other system as a copyright infringement.

- Can I copy the overall idea/content of Bruno Bozzetto's films, adapt them and/or modify them into a new film of my property?
No, you can't. Any reproduction, copy, transformation or adaptation of copyrighted intellectual properties is highly forbidden and the person doing so will be considered liable for violating the law. Creating a new film over an already existing film does not only mean copyright infringement, but also plagiarism as it would become a wrongful appropriation.

- Can I copy, use, publish or re-distribute any of the images taken from Bruno Bozzetto's films?
Any use of any image/still taken from Bruno Bozzetto's films must follow the same procedure explained for a screening permission. As a matter of fact, images, too, are copyright protected and cannot be used freely without a licensing agreement and an authorization issued by Bruno Bozzetto Distribution. The law exempts a few no profit and noncommercial cases such as images being used inside a graduation degree book focused on the works of the author and not bound to be published and sold. Any other use which aims at commercial business on any means of distribution or reproduction, shall be punished by the law.

- Can I exploit ancillary or derivative rights from Bruno Bozzetto's copyrighted films and images?
Any kind of rights deriving from such films and from its images/characters strictly belong to the author and are likewise ruled by the copyrights law. Therefore, exploiting any of the ideas, names, characters/images deriving from Bruno Bozzetto's film for ancillary rights (such as merchandising, video-games, apps and any other new way of distribution of such intellectual properties) is strictly forbidden by the law.