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Bruno Bozzetto created his first animated short "Tapum, the history of wepons" back in 1958 at the age of 20.
This animated short sparked interest amongst the audience as well as the critics. In the 60ies he created Mr Rossi, a middle-aged man who appeals to most viewers and audiences, able to associate with Mr. Rossi's qualities.
Mr Rossi has starred in many animated short films and three feature films destined to both TV and cinema.
In 1965 , Bruno Bozzetto was the only Italian director to create and produce an animated feature film in over 20 years of stillness, "West and Soda", followed by "Vip my brother Superman" (1968) and by "Allegro non Troppo" (1976), the italian answer to the famous "Fantasia" by Walt Disney.
In 1987 Bozzetto also produced one live action feature film, "Under the chinese Restaurant", featuring Nancy Brilly,Amanda Sandrelli , Bernard Blier and Claudio Botosso.
Bozzetto has worked in the popular scientific field too. Together with the renowned journalist Piero Angela, he delivered about 100 shorts belonging to the scientific TV program "QUARK".
Throughout his career, Bruno Bozzetto produced about thirty animated shorts which were spread and screened all over the world and for which he received much recognition as well as many awards including four Italian Silver Ribbons, five Career Awards, The Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival and an Oscar Nomination.
At the same time he realized and directed roughly ten TV serials for RAI and for the Swiss Television.
Since 2000 he’s been devoting himself to 2D computer animation, creating a significant number of short films, destined to the Internet, the very first of which "Europe and Italy" gained great success worldwide.
Four big exhibitions dedicated to his production were set up in the cities of Milan, Bergamo and Torino.
In the past years all classical feature films, along with those based on Mister Rossi’s adventures, have returned on the market on a restored Dvd version.
Bruno Bozzetto took part to many international juries all around the world and there are more than 10 degree thesis based upon his work.
In 2007 the University of Bergamo conferred an honorary degree on him within the field of "Theory, techniques and management of all performing arts".
Since 2000, he's been testing new animation techniques.
He produced and directed his very first 3D animated short titled "Looo", winner of the famous Italian Silver Ribbon Award 2005.
Today, Bruno Bozzetto and his new Studio of Production Bozzetto&Co. have been focusing their attention on 2D and 3D animation, occasionally cooperating with the provincial Council of Bergamo.
In 2008, a 3D series by the title "Psicovip", co-produced by RAI Fiction and Maga Animation Studio, the latter taking care of the films' animation tion, was completed.
In the same year, Bozzetto was awarded for his career by receiving the very notorious De Sica Award directly by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.
Short after, a 2D series by the title "Bruno the great", was commissioned by Disney Channel and completed in 2009 for a worldwide distribution.
In 2010, the cultural department of Valle Camonica commissions "Camuni" to Studio Bozzetto&Co. with the purpose to promote the notorious rupestrian engravings as a precious artistic heritage.
In the course of the same year, two more Flash animated shorts, by the titles "Love and Fun" and "Game" are completed while Studio Alienatio works on the making of "Rapsodeus", thought and written by Bruno Bozzetto.
In the meantime, the "Viavai" screenplay, also, is completed and is for now presented to media as an ambitious 3D animation project.

Bruno Bozzetto

Bruno Bozzetto

There is nothing more real than an original artwork-based exhibition to show animation film-making through sketches, storyboards and cels. Adaptable to just one room or to an entire building, exhibitions can be set up in or outside of Italy. For additional infos or requests, please contact us.

Dal Bozzetto al Pixel - Exhibition
Dal Bozzetto al Pixel - Exhibition
Dal Bozzetto al Pixel - Exhibition
Dal Bozzetto al Pixel - Exhibition